8.3. Role Mapping

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In order to convert the Principals in a Subject into a set of roles used for authorization, a PrincipalRoleMapper must be specified in the global configuration. Red Hat JBoss Data Grid ships with three mappers, and also allows you to provide a custom mapper.
Table 8.3. Mappers
Mapper Name Java XML Description
IdentityRoleMapper <identity-role-mapper /> Uses the Principal name as the role name.
CommonNameRoleMapper <common-name-role-mapper /> If the Principal name is a Distinguished Name (DN), this mapper extracts the Common Name (CN) and uses it as a role name. For example the DN cn=managers,ou=people,dc=example,dc=com will be mapped to the role managers.
ClusterRoleMapper <cluster-role-mapper /> Uses the ClusterRegistry to store principal to role mappings. This allows the use of the CLI’s GRANT and DENY commands to add/remove roles to a Principal.
Custom Role Mapper   <custom-role-mapper class="a.b.c" /> Supply the fully-qualified class name of an implementation of
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