3.2. JBoss Native Components Support

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The Native Components package is an optional component for the JBoss Enterprise Application Platform that incorporates native operating system components and connectors for web servers, including OpenSSL, JBoss Native, mod_jk, mod_cluster, NSAPI for Solaris, and ISAPI for Windows.
Installing JBoss Native results in higher server performance, as native operating system code becomes available for the server to optimize tasks.


Solaris and Windows Native Components are not part of the evaluated configuration. While Solaris and Windows Native components are shipped with the binaries, only Linux Native has been verified as part of the EAL4 certification level.


OpenSSL native components are supported for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.
If you want to use Native Components in your evaluated configuration, refer to the installation instructions contained in this chapter.
For more information on installing Linux Native components, refer to the Install Native Components section in the Installation Guide.
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