Red Hat AMQ 6.2

Release Information

Learn about the latest release.

Release Notes

What's new in Red Hat JBoss A-MQ

Migration Guide

Migrating to Red Hat JBoss A-MQ 6.2

Supported Configurations

Supported environments for running Red Hat JBoss A-MQ

Supported Standards and Protocols

Industry standards and protocols supported with Red Hat JBoss A-MQ


Installation Guide

Installing Red Hat JBoss A-MQ on a computer

Product Introduction

How can Red Hat JBoss A-MQ help integrate your environment

Managing a Broker

Management Console User Guide

Manage your JBoss A-MQ environment from the Web

Managing and Monitoring a Broker

Administrative tasks made simple

Configuring Broker Persistence

Red Hat JBoss A-MQ's persistence layer can be tailored for speed and robustness

Using Networks of Brokers

Networking multiple brokers for better performance

Fault Tolerant Messaging

Hardening your Red Hat JBoss A-MQ environment against downtime

Security Guide

Making Red Hat JBoss A-MQ secure

Tuning Guide

Optimize Red Hat JBoss A-MQ for your environment

WS-Notification Guide

Accessing topic subscriptions through the WS-Notification standard


Client Connectivity Guide

Creating and tuning clients connections to message brokers

Managing Large Scale Deployments

Cloud Deployment Guide

Centrally configure and provision assets in the cloud

Fabric Guide

A system for provisioning containers deployed across a network

Red Hat JBoss A-MQ for OpenShift

Learn to install and develop with Red Hat JBoss A-MQ for OpenShift



A reference to the terms used when talking about Red Hat JBoss A-MQ

Connection Reference

A reference for all of the options for creating connections to a broker

Console Reference

Quick access to the Apache Karaf shell commands packaged under Red Hat JBoss A-MQ.

Patching Instructions

How to apply patches to a standalone container or a Fabric container

API Reference

API Javadoc references for JBoss A-MQ 6.2

XML Configuration Reference

XML schema reference for JBoss A-MQ 6.2

JBoss ON Plug-in Pack for A-MQ

JON Performance Metrics Reference

Monitoring the broker's performance

Integration with JBoss EAP

Integrating with JBoss Enterprise Application Platform

Installing the ActiveMQ resource adapter into the JBoss Enterprise Application Platform container

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