5.2. Supported Application Logging Frameworks

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Red Hat JBoss LogManager supports the following logging frameworks:

5.2.1. About JBoss Logging

JBoss Logging is the application logging framework that is included in JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6. As a result of this inclusion, Red Hat JBoss Data Grid 6 also uses JBoss Logging.
JBoss Logging provides an easy way to add logging to an application. Add code to the application that uses the framework to send log messages in a defined format. When the application is deployed to an application server, these messages can be captured by the server and displayed and/or written to file according to the server's configuration.

5.2.2. JBoss Logging Features

JBoss Logging includes the following features:
  • Provides an innovative, easy to use typed logger.
  • Full support for internationalization and localization. Translators work with message bundles in properties files while developers can work with interfaces and annotations.
  • Build-time tooling to generate typed loggers for production, and runtime generation of typed loggers for development.
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