12.3. Additional Resources

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A detailed description of Valgrind and its features is beyond the scope of this book. For more information, see the resources listed below.

Installed Documentation

  • valgrind(1) — The manual page for the valgrind utility provides detailed information on how to use Valgrind. To display the manual page for the version included in Red Hat Developer Toolset, type:
    scl enable devtoolset-6 'man valgrind'
  • Valgrind DocumentationHTML documentation for Valgrind is located at /opt/rh/devtoolset-6/root/usr/share/doc/devtoolset-6-valgrind-3.9.0/html/index.html.

Online Documentation

See Also

  • Chapter 1, Red Hat Developer Toolset provides an overview of Red Hat Developer Toolset and more information on how to install it on your system.
  • Chapter 10, memstomp documents how to use the memstomp utility to identify calls to library functions with overlapping memory regions that are not allowed by various standards.
  • Chapter 11, SystemTap provides an introduction to SystemTap and explains how to use it to monitor the activities of a running system.
  • Chapter 13, OProfile explains how to use OProfile to determine which sections of code consume the greatest amount of CPU time and why.
  • Chapter 14, Dyninst documents how to use the Dyninst library to instrument a user-space executable.
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