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Updated anaconda packages that fix several bugs are now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.
The anaconda packages contain portions of the Anaconda installation program that can be run by the user for reconfiguration and advanced installation options.

Bug Fixes

Previously, the lvm tool on cciss devices returned the list of PV (Physical Volume) paths delimited by exclamation marks while Anaconda expects the list to use the slash signs as the delimiter. Consequently, in some cases, lvm installation failed on cciss devices. The PV path list now uses the slash sign as the delimiter. As a result, lvm installation on cciss devices succeeds.
The previous code function relied on the user having interface available in a corner case, that is more than 15 partitions on a disk. When a system was installed to a machine with a disk of more than 15 partitions, Anaconda terminated unexpectedly with a traceback. The method has been edited to first check whether the user interface is available and then log the message. As a result, installation on a machine with a disk of more than 15 partitions now works as expected.
Previously, Anaconda completely ignored the lines in the /etc/fstab file that had the "noauto" mount option specified. Consequently, such lines were removed when upgrading the system. This update ensures that lines containing "noauto" are stored when parsing the /etc/fstab file and are written out to the new /etc/fstab file on upgrade.
Previously, some translations, for example for NFS repository setup dialog window, were incomplete. Consequently, NFS repository setup dialog window in Russian locale contained incorrect translations. Incorrect translations have been fixed by updating the list of strings for translations and by adding missing Russian translations for the updated list. The NFS repository setup is now translated correctly for Russian.
When Red Hat Enterprise Linux with the authconfig package specified in the packages lists was installed, authconfig, including the /etc/shadow file, was not installed. The authconfig package has been added to the packages list and is now successfully installed.
Due to a regression, Anaconda detected the incorrect architecture value when checking for packages required for installation. Consequently, packages mandatory for installation were not installed. To fix this bug, the arch.getBaseArch() function is now used instead of arch.canonArch(), which returns the correct architecture value to Anaconda. As a result, packages required for installation are now installed, even if they are marked for exclusion in kickstart.
Users of anaconda are advised to upgrade to these updated packages, which fix these bugs.
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