4.61. lvm2

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Updated lvm2 packages that fix several bugs are now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.
The lvm2 packages provide support for Logical Volume Management (LVM).

Bug Fixes

Previously, when the lvconvert command was used with the "--stripes" option, the required supplementary options, such as "--mirrors" or "--repair", were not enforced. Consequently, calling "lvconvert --stripes" without accompanying conversion instructions led to an incomplete conversion. With this update, a condition has been added to enforce the correct syntax. As a result, an error message is now displayed in the described scenario.
A mirrored logical volume (LV) can itself have a mirrored log device. Previously, a simultaneous failure of both the mirrored leg and the mirror log was not handled correctly. Consequently, I/O errors occurred on the mirror LV. The described failure case is now handled correctly and I/O errors no longer occur.
Due to a bug in the error condition, an attempt to up-convert an inactive mirror when there was insufficient allocatable extents led to the following error message:
Unable to allocate extents for mirror(s). ABORTING: Failed to remove temporary mirror layer inactive_mimagetmp_3. Manual cleanup with vgcfgrestore and dmsetup may be required.
The wording of this message was possibly misleading. The bug has been fixed, and a more accurate warning message is now displayed when not enough extents are available.
Prior to this update, it was impossible to set the major and minor persistent numbers of a logical volume to a value outside of the range of 0-255 (8-bit). This limit has been changed, and the major number can now be set within the range of 0-4095 (12-bit), while the minor number within 0-1048575 (20-bit).
Previously, the mpath filtering, which is enabled by the devices/multipath_component_detection=1 setting in the lvm.conf configuration file, did not check for partitions and failed when there were partitions on multipath components. Consequently, a message about duplicate physical volumes (PV) was issued as the LVM saw two PVs with the same UUID. With this update, mpath filtering has been modified to check for partitions properly and the aforementioned error no longer occurs.
When there were missing physical volumes in a volume group (VG), most operations that alter the LVM meta data (such as the vgimport utility) were disallowed. Consequently, it was impossible to import and also to repair this VG. With this update, this behavior has been modified and it is now possible to use the "--force" option with vgimport to import VGs even with missing devices.
Prior to this update, the lvconvert utility did not check for snapshot-merge support in the kernel before initializing the merge operation. After trying to merge a snapshot logical volume (LV) on a machine without this support, the origin LV failed to activate on the next boot. With this update, lvconvert has been modified not to start a snapshot-merge if there is no support for such operation in the kernel.
Users of lvm2 are advised to upgrade to these updated packages, which fix these bugs.
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