Chapter 56. RH035: Red Hat Linux Essentials for Windows Professionals

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56.1. Course Description

Designed for Windows® professionals with no prior UNIX or Linux experience, this course teaches fundamental Red Hat Enterprise Linux system administration skills. The first day provides a conceptual and practical transition for individuals to successfully add Linux management competencies to their portfolio. The remaining four days combines with the highly-acclaimed RH033 course, immersing individuals in the basics of a Red Hat Enterprise Linux environment and preparing them for future roles as cross-platform system administrators. The course also serves as the first course in the RHCT and RHCE tracks.

56.1.1. Prerequisites

Have experience with job tasks using Windows OS products at technician or system administrator level; experience as an IT professional; no prior UNIX or Linux experience required.

56.1.2. Goal

A Red Hat Enterprise Linux power user familiar with common command line processes who can perform some system administration tasks using graphical tools. The individual will also be ready to develop a deeper understanding of Red Hat Enterprise Linux system administration (RH133).

56.1.3. Audience

The typical student will be a Windows technician who prefers to manage servers using a graphic user interface. The individual will also possess a desire to effectively manage Red Hat Enterprise Linux systems and broaden their individual skill set.

56.1.4. Course Objectives

  1. Learn to install software, configure the network, configure authentication, and install and configure various services using graphical tools
  2. Understand the Linux file system
  3. Issue essential Linux commands from the command line
  4. Understand file access permissions
  5. Customize X Window System
  6. Use regular expression pattern matching and I/O redirection

56.1.5. Follow-on Courses

RH133 Red Hat Linux Sys. Admin. (p. 8)
RH253 Red Hat Linux Net. and Sec. Admin. (p. 9)
RH300 Red Hat Linux RHCE Rapid Track (p. 10)
"All in all I would rate this training experience as one of the best I have ever attended, and I've been in this industry for over 15 years." — Bill Legge, IT Consultant
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