Chapter 5. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 System Documentation

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Based on your selected language, the system documentation available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 will be in the respective language if this is supported. The figure below illustrates optional packages listed in the Package Manager. Among the optional packages for supported languages, will be documentation in the selected language. In the figure below, the Deployment Guide is listed among the Packages available in Japanese language support.
Additional Packages - Documentation

Figure 5.1. Additional Packages - Documentation

For an updated list of available documentation for your language, please visit The Red Hat documentation Page and select a product from the list of available products. Please note that the content of this web site may vary as the site gets updated regularly.
Red Hat Documentation - Products

Figure 5.2. Red Hat Documentation - Products

The figure below illustrates the language selection page for Red Hat Enterprise Linux. From the list of languages, select your preferred language and click on the Go button to display an up to date list of available documents for your language. You can also select the preferred format for the document you wish to view or download.
Red Hat Documentation - Languages

Figure 5.3. Red Hat Documentation - Languages

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