7.270. virt-who

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Updated virt-who packages that fix several bugs and add various enhancements are now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.
The virt-who packages provide an agent that collects information about virtual guests present in the system and reports them to the Red Hat Subscription Manager tool.

Bug Fixes

Previously, when running the virt-who service, unregistering a Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Hypervisor host from the Subscription Asset Manager (SAM) server caused the service to be terminated with the following message:
SubscriptionManagerError: No such file or directory
Error in communication with candlepin, trying to recover
Unable to read certificate, system is not registered or you are not root
Only the last line of the aforementioned message should have been displayed. This bug has been fixed, and the traceback errors are now saved to the log file and not printed on the screen.
When a snapshot of a virtual machine (VM) was created in Microsoft Hyper-V Server, the virt-who agent replaced the UUID of the VM file with the UUID of the snapshot. This bug has been fixed, and the UUID is not changed in the described case. Additionally, in certain cases, the virt-who agent running with the "--hyperv" command-line option terminated with the following message:
AttributeError: HyperV instance has no attribute 'ping'
This bug has been fixed and the aforementioned error no longer occurs.
Previously, the virt-who agent failed to function correctly when a URL, which was set in the VIRTWHO_ESX_SERVER parameter, was missing the initial "https://" string. With this update, virt-who has been modified, and "https://" is no longer required in VIRTWHO_ESX_SERVER.


With this update, the virt-who agent has been modified to start as a foreground process and to print error messages or debugging output (the "-d" command-line option) to the standard error output. Moreover, the following command-line options have been enhanced: the "-o" option provides the one-shot mode and exits after sending the list of guests; the "-b" option and the "service virt-who start" command equivalently start on the background and send data to the /var/log/ directory.
The virt-who agent has been modified to support Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Manager polling.
With this update, the virt-who agent has been modified to correctly recognize guest virtual machines, which are installed on top of Microsoft Hyper-V Server.
The virt-who manual pages and the output of the "virt-who --help" command have been enhanced with clarifying information. In addition, a typographical error has been corrected in both texts.
All users of virt-who are advised to upgrade to these updated packages, which fix these bugs and add these enhancements.
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