7.6. RHEA-2013:1642 — new packages: redhat-support-lib-python and redhat-support-tool

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New redhat-support-lib-python and redhat-support-tool packages are now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.
The redhat-support-lib-python package provides a Python library that developers can use to easily write software solutions that leverage Red Hat Access subscription services.
The redhat-support-tool utility facilitates console-based access to Red Hat's subscriber services and gives Red Hat subscribers more venues for accessing the content and services available to them as Red Hat customers. Further, it enables our customers to integrate and automate their helpdesk services with our subscription services. The capabilities of this package include:
* Red Hat Access Knowledge Base article and solution viewing from the console (formatted as man pages). * Viewing, creating, modifying, and commenting on customer support cases from the console. * Attachment uploading directly to a customer support case or to from the console. * Full proxy support (that is, FTP and HTTP proxies). * Easy listing and downloading of attachments in customer support cases from the console. * Red Hat Access Knowledge Base searching on query terms, log messages, and other parameters, and viewing search results in a selectable list. * Easy uploading of log files, text files, and other sources to the Red Hat Access automatic problem determination engine for diagnosis. * Various other support-related commands.
Detailed usage information for the tool can be found in the Red Hat Customer Portal at
This enhancement update adds the redhat-support-lib-python and redhat-support-tool packages to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6. (BZ#987159, BZ#869395, BZ#880776, BZ#987171, BZ#987169, BZ#987163)
All users who require redhat-support-lib-python and redhat-support-tool are advised to install these new packages.
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