4.3. Displaying Device-Specific Fencing Options

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Use the following command to view the options for the specified STONITH agent.
pcs stonith describe stonith_agent
For example, the following command displays the options for the fence agent for APC over telnet/SSH.
# pcs stonith describe fence_apc
Stonith options for: fence_apc
  ipaddr (required): IP Address or Hostname
  login (required): Login Name
  passwd: Login password or passphrase
  passwd_script: Script to retrieve password
  cmd_prompt: Force command prompt
  secure: SSH connection
  port (required): Physical plug number or name of virtual machine
  identity_file: Identity file for ssh
  switch: Physical switch number on device
  inet4_only: Forces agent to use IPv4 addresses only
  inet6_only: Forces agent to use IPv6 addresses only
  ipport: TCP port to use for connection with device
  action (required): Fencing Action
  verbose: Verbose mode
  debug: Write debug information to given file
  version: Display version information and exit
  help: Display help and exit
  separator: Separator for CSV created by operation list
  power_timeout: Test X seconds for status change after ON/OFF
  shell_timeout: Wait X seconds for cmd prompt after issuing command
  login_timeout: Wait X seconds for cmd prompt after login
  power_wait: Wait X seconds after issuing ON/OFF
  delay: Wait X seconds before fencing is started
  retry_on: Count of attempts to retry power on
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