2.2. Boot Loader

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Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 includes a new boot loader, GRUB 2, which is more robust, portable, and powerful than its predecessor, GRUB, which is the boot loader that Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 uses. GRUB 2 provides a number of features and improvements, the most notable of which are:
  • In addition to the 64-bit Intel and AMD architectures, GRUB 2 supports a wider variety of platforms, including PowerPC.
  • GRUB 2 supports additional firmware types, including BIOS, EFI and OpenFirmware.
  • In addition to supporting Master Boot Record (MBR) partition tables, GRUB 2 supports GUID Partition Tables (GPT).
  • In addition to the Linux file systems, GRUB 2 also supports non-Linux file systems such as Apple Hierarchical File System Plus (HFS+) and Microsoft NTFS file system.
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