Chapter 35. Storage

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DM Multipath no longer crashes when adding a feature to an empty string

Previously, the DM Multipath service terminated unexpectedly when it attempted to add a feature to the features string of a built-in device configuration that had no features string. With this update, DM Multipath first checks if the features string exists, and creates one if necessary. As a result, DM Multipath no longer crashes when trying to modify a nonexistent features string. (BZ#1459370)

I/O operations no longer hang with RAID1

Previously, the kernel did not handle Multiple Devices (MD) I/O errors properly in dm-raid. As a consequence, the I/O sometimes became unresponsive. With this update, dm-raid now handles I/O errors correctly, and I/O operations no longer hang with RAID1. (BZ#1506338)
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