Chapter 29. Installation and Booting

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The network service no longer hangs on stop or restart

Previously, when certain processes were executed from a network share, the network service could hang if it was stopped or restarted. A patch to the initscripts packages has been applied to not use the pidof utility, and the described problem no longer occurs. (BZ#1559384)

KSH no longer fails to process /etc/init.d/functions

The Korn Shell (KSH) is unable to process code where the word local appears on the same line as an array definition. This previously caused KSH to fail to source the /etc/init.d/functions file. This update provides a workaround to the KSH limitation, and the function file is now being sourced as expected.​
Note that KSH may still be unable use some of the functions in /etc/init.d/functions file. This update only allows KSH to not fail during the sourcing of /etc/init.d/functions. (BZ#1554364)

Diskless NFS clients no longer hang when unmounting the root file system

Previously, diskless NFS clients became unresponsive in rare cases when the network service was stopped or restarted while unmounting the root file system. This happened because the unit files generated by systemd sometimes had incorrect dependencies.
A workaround has been applied in the initscripts package, and diskless NFS clients no longer hang in the described situation. (BZ#1572659)

A non-functioning systemctl reload network.service has been removed

The systemctl reload network.service command, which does not work due to technical limitations of initscripts has been removed, and using it now results in an appropriate warning message. To correctly apply a new configuration for the network service, use the restart command instead:
~]# systemctl restart network.service

Text mode will now prompt for a passphrase if a Kickstart file does not provide one while enabling encryption

Prior to this update, if you used the text mode interface with a Kickstart file that enabled disk encryption but did not provide a passphrase, the installation failed with an error. This update prompts the user to provide a passphrase during installation if the partitioning specified in the provided Kickstart file requires one. (BZ#1436304)

A cmdline Kickstart installation with conflicting packages now displays an error message

Previously, when a cmdline (noninteractive, unattended) Kickstart installation with conflicting packages was started, the installation failed and the machine rebooted before displaying the error message.
This update increases the reboot timeout from 10 to 180 seconds ensuring the appropriate error message is displayed. (BZ#1360223)

The custom partitioning screen now displays relevant storage configuration error messages

Previously, error messages in the custom partitioning screen were not always cleared after configuration changes. As a result, error messages that were not relevant to the current storage configuration were displayed.
This update ensures that the error messages displayed are relevant to the storage configuration in the custom partitioning screen. (BZ#1535781)

Host name is now configured correctly on an installed system

Previously, host name was not parsed properly from the IPv6 static configuration that was set by boot options. As a consequence, the host name specified by the ip installer boot option was not configured on an installed system.
The parsing of host name from the ip installer boot option has now been fixed for IPv6 static configuration. (BZ#1554271)

The reqpart Kickstart command will now only create partitions that are required by the hardware platform

Previously, when the reqpart command was specified in a Kickstart file and no partitions were required by the hardware platform, the installer attempted to perform automatic partitioning. As a result, the installation failed with an error.
This update ensures that the reqpart Kickstart command will only create partitions that are required by the hardware platform. (BZ#1557485)

Installation started with boot option zfcp.allow_lun_scan is applied to the installed system

Previously, the boot option zfcp.allow_lun_scan was not applied to the installed system and as a result, the installed system started without the boot option.
This update applies the boot option zfcp.allow_lun_scan to the installed system. (BZ#1561662)

The clearpart Kickstart command can now be used on disk partitions

Previously, using the Kickstart command clearpart --list=<part> (where <part> is a partition on a disk) during installation worked for disks but not disk partitions.
As a consequence, Anaconda stopped the installation with the message:
Device <part> given in clearpart device list does not exist.
This update removes the restriction and supports clearing on disk partitions. (BZ#1561930)
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