Chapter 11. Installation and Booting

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A new network-scripts option: IFDOWN_ON_SHUTDOWN

This update adds the IFDOWN_ON_SHUTDOWN option for network-scripts. Setting this option to yes, true, or leaving it empty has no effect. If you set this option to no, or false, it causes the ifdown calls to not be issued when stopping or restarting the network service.
This can be useful in situations where NFS (or other network file system) mounts are in a stale state, because the network was shut down before the mount was cleanly unmounted. (BZ#1583677)

Improved content of error messages in network-scripts

The network-scripts now display more verbose error messages when the installation of bonding drivers fails. (BZ#1542514)

Booting from an iSCSI device that is not configured using iBFT is now supported

This update provides a new installer boot option inst.nonibftiscsiboot that supports the installation of boot loader on an iSCSI device that has not been configured in the iSCSI Boot Firmware Table (iBFT).
This update helps when the iBFT is not used for booting the installed system from an iSCSI device, for example, an iPXE boot from SAN features is used instead. The new installer boot option allows you to install the boot loader on an iSCSI device that is not automatically added as part of the iBFT configuration but is manually added using the iscsi Kickstart command or the installer GUI. (BZ#1562301)

Installing and booting from NVDIMM devices is now supported

Prior to this update, Nonvolatile Dual Inline Memory Module (NVDIMM) devices in any mode were ignored by the installer.
With this update, kernel improvements to support NVDIMM devices provide improved system performance capabilities and enhanced file system access for write-intensive applications like database or analytic workloads, as well as reduced CPU overhead.
This update introduces support for:
  • The use of NVDIMM devices for installation using the nvdimm Kickstart command and the GUI, making it possible to install and boot from NVDIMM devices in sector mode and reconfigure NVDIMM devices into sector mode during installation.
  • The extension of Kickstart scripts for Anaconda with commands for handling NVDIMM devices.
  • The ability of grub2, efibootmgr, and efivar system components to handle and boot from NVDIMM devices. (BZ#1612965, BZ#1280500, BZ#1590319, BZ#1558942)

The --noghost option has been added to the rpm -V command

This update adds the --noghost option to the rpm -V command. If used with this option, rpm -V verifies only the non-ghost files that were altered, which helps diagnose system problems. (BZ#1395818)
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