Appendix A. Revision History

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Revision History
Revision 3.2-2Fri Mar 17 2017Divya Muntimadugu, Laura Bailey, Bhavana Mohanraj, Anjana Sriram
Clarified NFS-Ganesha installation instructions. (BZ#1402253)
Updated details of NFS-Ganesha upgrade process. (BZ#1368444)
Added a note to check for self-heal status before an in-service update. (BZ#1376287)
Updated thin pool examples throughout the guide to give appropriate size recommendations. (BZ#1390509)
Updated upgrade process to account for new shared storage volume requirements. (BZ#1414363)
Updated upgrade process to ensure write-behind behavior is disabled. (BZ#1409569)
Various updates to ensure document refers to version 3.2. (BZ#1406250)
Rewrote update and upgrade procedures for version 3.2. (BZ#1422768)
Applied feedback to improve clarity of rewritten upgrade process. (BZ#1432782)
Updated guide to reflect changed glusterd log file name. (BZ#1365003)
Updated the upgrade chapter remove the offline ISO upgrade. (BZ#1434377)
Revision 3.2-1Fri Mar 17 2017Bhavana Mohan
Version for 3.2 GA.
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