Chapter 3. Overview of Bare Metal certification

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The bare-metal certification overview provides details about product publication in the catalog, product release, certification duration, and recertification.

3.1. Publication in the catalog

When you certify your server for bare-metal hardware on Red Hat OpenStack Platform, it is published in the Red Hat Ecosystem Catalog as Bare Metal. The Bare Metal Management feature also appears as a certified component of your server.

3.2. Red Hat product releases

You have access to and are encouraged to test with pre-released Red Hat software. You can begin your engagement with the Red Hat Certification team before Red Hat software is generally available (GA) to customers to expedite the certification process for your product. However, conduct official certification testing only on the GA releases of Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform bare-metal hardware.

3.3. Certification duration

Certifications are valid starting with the specific major and minor releases of Red Hat OpenStack Platform software as tested and listed on the Red Hat Ecosystem Catalog. They continue to be valid through the last minor release of the major release. This allows customers to count on certifications from the moment they are listed until the end of the product’s lifecycle.

3.4. Recertification workflow

You do not need to recertify after a new major or minor release of RHOSP if you have not made changes to your product. However, it is your responsibility to certify your product again any time you make significant changes to it.

Red Hat recommends that you run the certification tests on your product periodically to ensure its quality, functionality, and performance with the supported versions of RHOSP.

To recertify your product, open a supplemental certification.

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