Chapter 2. Certification prerequisites

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A strong working knowledge of Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Red Hat OpenStack is required. A Red Hat Certified Engineer and a Red Hat OpenStack Platform Certified Engineer accreditation is preferred and suggested before participating.

2.1. Partner eligibility criteria

Ensure to meet the following requirements before applying for a Red Hat bare-metal hardware certification:

2.2. Certification targets

The certification targets provide details and requirements about the components and products relevant to the certification.

Specific information for each of the certification components is provided when applicable.

2.2.1. Server

  • Ensure that the server must have the following certifications:

    • Red Hat Enterprise Linux System
    • Red Hat OpenStack Platform Compute Node

      Each certification is keyed to the specific Cloud Platform product version and its associated ironic revision. You can certify your server for RHOSP, if your hardware is compatible with the ironic drivers for that platform.

  • The server must have a baseboard management controller (BMC) installed.

2.2.2. Red Hat Cloud Platform Products

Bare-metal certification

Through this program you can certify BMC and bare-metal servers on Red Hat OpenStack Platform 17.1.

2.2.3. Baseboard management controllers (BMC)

A BMC is a specialized microcontroller on a server’s motherboard that manages the interface between systems management software and physical hardware. The bare metal service in Red Hat Platforms provisions systems in a cluster by using the BMC to control power, network booting, and automate node deployment and termination.

BMC can be certified as a component for use in leveraging components, across multiple server systems. Similar to Red Hat Hardware Certification programs, Red Hat leverages partners' internal quality testing to streamline the certification process without adding risk to customer environments.

Red Hat recommends partners using component leveraging features in bare-metal hardware certifications conduct their testing with the specific server system, BMC, and Red Hat cloud platform product to validate each combination. However, you do not need to submit individual certification results to Red Hat for every combination.

2.2.4. Bare Metal Drivers

IPI component certification
BMCs must use supported Red Hat OpenStack Platform Bare Metal Drivers provided in the corresponding Red Hat Cloud platform product. You cannot certify a BMC that requires an ironic driver that is not included in the Red Hat product.
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