Part IV. Intelligent Process Server and Realtime Decision Server

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For Red Hat JBoss BPM Suite, the server is called Intelligent Process Server. For Red Hat JBoss BRMS, the server is called Realtime Decision Server. In the following text, only Intelligent Process Server is used.

The Intelligent Process Server is a standalone, out-of-the-box component that can be used to instantiate and execute rules and processes. The Realtime Decision Server and the Intelligent Process Server are created as a WAR file that can be deployed on any web container. The current version of these servers are shipped with default extensions for both JBoss BRMS and Business Resource Planner, with Intelligent Process Server adding extensions for Red Hat JBoss BPM Suite.

This server has a low footprint with minimal memory consumption; therefore, it can be deployed easily on a cloud instance. Each instance of this server can open and instantiate multiple KIE containers, which allows you to execute multiple rules and processes in parallel.


Red Hat JBoss BPM Suite supports two execution servers for processes: Intelligent Process Server (kie-server) and Business Central (business-central), and has Remote APIs for both. The process engine in Business Central and its Remote API are supported for Red Hat JBoss BPMS 6.x releases only. However, the Intelligent Process Server is being enhanced over releases. Hence, Intelligent Process Server is recommended to instantiate and execute your processes.

This chapter describes the Intelligent Process Server APIs and extensions.

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