4.3. Network Ports Used By JBoss EAP 6

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The ports used by the JBoss EAP 6 default configuration depend on several factors:
  • Whether your server groups use one of the default socket binding groups, or a custom group.
  • The requirements of your individual deployments.


A numerical port offset can be configured, to alleviate port conflicts when you run multiple servers on the same physical server. If your server uses a numerical port offset, add the offset to the default port number for its server group's socket binding group. For instance, if the HTTP port of the socket binding group is 8080, and your server uses a port offset of 100, its HTTP port is 8180.
Unless otherwise stated, the ports use the TCP protocol.

The default socket binding groups

  • full-ha-sockets
  • full-sockets
  • ha-sockets
  • standard-sockets
Table 4.1. Reference of the default socket bindings
Name Port Multicast Port Description full-ha-sockets full-sockets ha-socket standard-socket
ajp 8009 Apache JServ Protocol. Used for HTTP clustering and load balancing. Yes Yes Yes Yes
http 8080 The default port for deployed web applications. Yes Yes Yes Yes
https 8443 SSL-encrypted connection between deployed web applications and clients. Yes Yes Yes Yes
jacorb 3528 CORBA services for JTS transactions and other ORB-dependent services. Yes Yes No No
jacorb-ssl 3529 SSL-encrypted CORBA services. Yes Yes No No
jgroups-diagnostics 7500 Multicast. Used for peer discovery in HA clusters. Not configurable using the Management Interfaces. Yes No Yes No
jgroups-mping 45700 Multicast. Used to discover initial membership in a HA cluster. Yes No Yes No
jgroups-tcp 7600 Unicast peer discovery in HA clusters using TCP. Yes No Yes No
jgroups-tcp-fd 57600 Used for HA failure detection over TCP. Yes No Yes No
jgroups-udp 55200 45688 Multicast peer discovery in HA clusters using UDP. Yes No Yes No
jgroups-udp-fd 54200 Used for HA failure detection over UDP. Yes No Yes No
messaging 5445 JMS service. Yes Yes No No
messaging-group Referenced by HornetQ JMS broadcast and discovery groups. Yes Yes No No
messaging-throughput 5455 Used by JMS Remoting. Yes Yes No No
mod_cluster 23364 Multicast port for communication between JBoss EAP 6 and the HTTP load balancer. Yes No Yes No
osgi-http 8090 Used by internal components which use the OSGi subsystem. Not configurable using the Management Interfaces. Yes Yes Yes Yes
remoting 4447 Used for remote EJB invocation. Yes Yes Yes Yes
txn-recovery-environment 4712 The JTA transaction recovery manager. Yes Yes Yes Yes
txn-status-manager 4713 The JTA / JTS transaction manager. Yes Yes Yes Yes
Management Ports

In addition to the socket binding groups, each host controller opens two more ports for management purposes:

  • 9990 - The Web Management Console port
  • 9999 - The port used by the Management Console and Management API
Additionally, if HTTPS is enabled for the Management Console, 9443 is also opened as the default port.
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