36.4. Invoke WS Operations

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Proxy interface is SEI interface

The proxy implements the SEI. Hence, to make remote procedure calls on the Web service, simply invoke the SEI methods on the proxy instance.

Invoking the lookupCustomer operation

For example, the CustomerService SEI exposes the lookupCustomer method, which takes a customer ID as its argument and returns a Customer data object. Using the proxy instance, customerService, you can invoke the lookupCustomer operation as follows:
// Java
com.fusesource.demo.customer.Customer response 
	= customerService.lookupCustomer("1234");"Got back " + response.getFirstName() + " "
    + response.getLastName()
    + ", ph:" + response.getPhoneNumber() );

The ClientInvoker class

In the cxf-webinars-jboss-fuse-6.2/customer-ws-client project, there is a ClientInvoker class (located in src/main/java/com/fusesource/customer/client), which defines a continuous loop that invokes the lookupCustomer operation.
When you are experimenting with the demonstration code in the latter chapters of this guide, you might need to modify the ClientInvoker class, possibly adding operation invocations.
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