9.2. fabric:cloud-firewall-edit

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manage a cloud container's firewall


fabric:cloud-firewall-edit [ --help ] [ --owner owner ] [ --option key=value ]


Table 9.2, “fabric:cloud-firewall-edit Arguments” describes the command's arguments.
Table 9.2. fabric:cloud-firewall-edit Arguments
--port The target IP port. To specify multiple ports, specify this flag multiple times on the command line—for example, --port 1234 --port 5678.
--flushFlush all rules.
--revoke Revoke the rule for the specified port. This blocks access to the specified IP port.
--target-containerThe target container name.
--source-containerThe source container, which has access granted or revoked.
--target-node-idThe target node ID.
--source-cidrThe source CIDR, which has access granted or revoked.
--providerThe cloud provider name.
--help Displays the online help for this command.
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