Chapter 15. Preparing network functions virtualization (NFV)

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If you use network functions virtualization (NFV), you must complete some preparation for the overcloud upgrade.

15.1. Network functions virtualization (NFV) environment files

In a typical NFV-based environment, you can enable services such as the following:

  • Single-root input/output virtualization (SR-IOV)
  • Data Plane Development Kit (DPDK)

You do not require any specific reconfiguration to these services to accommodate the upgrade to Red Hat OpenStack Platform 16.1. However, ensure that the environment files that enable your NFV functionality meet the following requirements:

  • The default environment files to enable NFV features are located in the environments/services directory of the Red Hat OpenStack Platform 16.1 openstack-tripleo-heat-templates collection. If you include the default NFV environment files from openstack-tripleo-heat-templates with your Red Hat OpenStack Platform 13 deployment, verify the correct environment file location for the respective feature in Red Hat OpenStack Platform 16.1:

    • Open vSwitch (OVS) networking and SR-IOV: /usr/share/openstack-tripleo-heat-templates/environments/services/neutron-sriov.yaml
    • Open vSwitch (OVS) networking and DPDK: /usr/share/openstack-tripleo-heat-templates/environments/services/neutron-ovs-dpdk.yaml
  • To maintain OVS compatibility during the upgrade from Red Hat OpenStack Platform 13 to Red Hat OpenStack Platform 16.1, you must include the /usr/share/openstack-tripleo-heat-templates/environments/services/neutron-ovs.yaml environment file. When running deployment and upgrade commands that involve environment files, you must include any NFV-related environment files after the neutron-ovs.yaml file. For example, when running openstack overcloud upgrade prepare with OVS and NFV environment files, include the files in the following order:
  • The OVS environment file
  • The SR-IOV environment file
  • The DPDK environment file

    $ openstack overcloud upgrade prepare \
        -e /usr/share/openstack-tripleo-heat-templates/environments/services/neutron-ovs.yaml \
        -e /usr/share/openstack-tripleo-heat-templates/environments/services/neutron-sriov.yaml \
        -e /usr/share/openstack-tripleo-heat-templates/environments/services/neutron-ovs-dpdk.yaml \

During an upgrade, you can migrate instances between RHOSP 13 and RHOSP 16.1.x Compute nodes only when the RHOSP 13 Compute nodes are in the hybrid state. For more information, see Migration constraints in the Configuring the Compute Service for Instance Creation guide.

There is an additional migration constraint for NFV workloads: you cannot live migrate instances from OVS-DPDK Compute nodes during an upgrade. Alternatively, you can cold migrate instances from OVS-DPDK Compute nodes during an upgrade.

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