Chapter 6. Fixed issues in Red Hat Process Automation Manager 7.0.2

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Red Hat Process Automation Manager 7.0.2 provides increased stability and fixed issues listed in this section.

In addition, this is the first release that includes the patch distribution which enables you to patch your existing installation. For information about patching, see Patching Red Hat Process Automation Manager 7.0.

6.1. Business Central

  • Projects are visible even if they are disabled for that user. [RHPAM-1139]
  • The execution server URLs in Business Central are not functional. [RHPAM-1309]
  • In the Manage Process Definitions window, if you sort the Name column, initial upper case letters preceder lower case letters. [RHPAM-1182]
  • The following error randomly appears in Business Central: Unable to complete your request. The following exception occurred: Error during Query! [RHPAM-828]
  • When importing projects from remote Git repositories, hooks are not added. [RHPAM-1296]
  • When you maximize the editor of an asset to fit the full screen, alerts (messages) are closed, but the Project Explorer does not collapse. [RHPAM-563]
  • If you open a guided rules asset in standalone mode, an error appears. [RHPAM-990]
  • Business Central does not deploy if the Red Hat JBoss EAP home contains a space in the name. [RHPAM-1099]
  • On Windows Internet Explorer 11, in the standalone editor, an error occurs when the Validate button is clicked. [RHPAM-1133]
  • On Windows Internet Explorer 11, in the standalone editor, an error occurs when DRL is saved. [RHPAM-1136]
  • Complex enumerations are not selected in a BRL multi-value constraint. [RHPAM-555]
  • The names of built-in sample projects are invalid. [RHPAM-1221]
  • The New Project screen does not block the Create Project button while it is loading, making it possible to create multiple projects at one time. [RHPAM-1331]
  • Clicking the icon on the upper left corner does not take users to the Home page. [RHPAM-1142]
  • Disable the Process Server links in the Execution Servers view when a Process Server is not available. [RHPAM-1125]
  • Assets cannot be created in the default package. [RHPAM-1389]
  • It is not possible to import a Git repository created in Red Hat Process Automation Manager 7.0.0 into Red Hat Process Automation Manager 7.0.1. [RHPAM-1413]
  • In Internet Explorer, when you click a package in the new Asset menu, the menu does not display all of the packages. [RHPAM-567]
  • Users cannot download text files from Business Central. [RHPAM-1248]
  • Processes and Task dashboards do not show data from undeployed KIE containers. [RHPAM-131]
  • Project and Deployment process definitions name coupled. [RHPAM-1257]
  • AsyncMode does not wait on inclusive converging gateway. [RHPAM-1346]
  • It is not possible to migrate processes with a recurring timer. [RHPAM-1122]
  • Task assignment fails if an actor contains a variable with an empty string. [RHPAM-1209]
  • The IllegalArgumentException: Unknown node id error occurs when migrating MultiInstance. [RHPAM-1096]
  • The KIE WB REST getJob randomly returns error code 410 with the status Gone. [RHPAM-863]

6.2. Process Server

  • If the row count exceeds 60,000 in the variableinstancelog table, the server will not start. [RHPAM-1132]
  • After the project is successfully deployed to Process Server, the value for Project Name and Deployment is the same in the Process Definitions perspective. [RHPAM-1157]
  • Sybase 16.0 data cannot be loaded into the Process Instances perspective. [RHPAM-1043]
  • Beta node indexes do not support type coercion. [RHPAM-1327]
  • A NullPointerException occurs if you use a forall after an or that has another existential operator. [RHPAM-1352]
  • Duplicated variable names in different scopes breaks the executable model generation. The accumulateTest and other tests fail with the executable model. [RHPAM-1305]
  • When generating the executable model, the pattern type of the accumulated result is overwritten by the accumulate function type. [RHPAM-1251]
  • The from accumulate expression causes a validation error in the guided decision table editor. [RHPAM-1288]
  • The executable model does not support parsing of a constraint containing a ternary operator. [RHPAM-1256]
  • The GuidedScoreCardIntegrationJavaClassesOnClassPathTest.testIncrementalCompilation test fails on Microsoft Windows or Apple MacIntosh. [RHPAM-1121]
  • In the executable model, type coercion does not work for the numeric boxed type. [RHPAM-1239]
  • When two or more rules have the same from clause that triggers node sharing of the from clause, and use fact classes that do not have hashCode() and equals() methods implemented, a rule can fire unexpectedly. [RHPAM-1077]
  • The executable model does not generate getter and setter methods for declared types with more than 64 fields. [RHPAM-1273]
  • Support constraints with up to 12 arguments in executable model. [RHPAM-1317]
  • The WorkflowRuntimeException wraps only the bottom root cause exception in RuleSetNodeInstance. [RHPAM-1189]
  • In a Smart Router cluster, if you have more than one Process Server with the same URL, the ConcurrentModificationException error occurs when you stop one of the Process Servers. [RHPAM-1384]
  • If file watcher is enabled and the file to be watched is not yet available, an exception is thrown and the watcher thread is interrupted. [RHPAM-1382]
  • When a JPA entity is used as a case file variable, it is stored correctly but each retrieval of the case file fails at loading because it is missing the entity manager in JPAPlaceholderResolverStrategy. [RHPAM-1424]

6.3. Red Hat Process Automation Manager on OpenShift

  • Specify the KIE_SERVER_PORT parameter in all templates where the KIE_SERVER_HOST parameter can be set. [RHPAM-1357]
  • If Process Server is connected to the PostgreSQL database and that database is restarted, Process Server cannot reconnect to the restarted database. [RHPAM-1252]
  • In the Process Server templates, users can configure the connection to the controller with the KIE_SERVER_CONTROLLER_SERVICE property, but the Maven repository from Business Central cannot be connected to the Process Server with the service name. [RHPAM-1236]
  • Databases in the Red Hat Process Automation Manager templates do not have any probes defined. [RHPAM-1235]
  • A container that one user selects is changed if another users logs in to a different window and selects a different container. [RHPAM-1107]
  • Include high-availability environments in the Business Central image descriptor. [RHPAM-1243]
  • Add the JDBC driver extensions to the OpenShift templates zip file. [RHPAM-1286]
  • Update the Red Hat JBoss EAP base image for Red Hat Process Automation Manager from 7.1.2 to 7.1.3. [RHPAM-1398]
  • Align the value of the RHPAM_TX_ISOLATION environment variable on all templates. [RHPAM-1140]
  • If concurrent requests to several Smart Routers to register KIE servers for container occur, some Process Servers do not receive the config file after synchronization. [RHPAM-1149]
  • Provide LDAP authentication support in Red Hat Process Automation Manager. [RHPAM-1210]
  • Roles are not configured when using LDAP in OpenShift. [RHPAM-1422]

6.4. Form Modeler

  • Add standalone perspectives for process and task forms. [RHPAM-1299]
  • When you create a form and then close it or delete it, instead of returning to the Asset list, you are returned to the Asset Creation perspective. [RHPAM-1222]
  • It is possible to add an empty label or value to new RadioGroups, ListBoxes, and MultipleSubform instances. [RHPAM-462]
  • When you make changes to options in RadioGroups, ListBoxes, and MultipleSubform instances and click Cancel, the changes persist in the Field Properties dialog box when it reopens. [RHPAM-457]
  • In MultipleSubform instances, some values are not transfered to the next task. [RHPAM-453]

6.5. Process Designer

  • After processes are imported, an out of bounds error message appears and the keyboard no longer listens for events. [RHPAM-994]
  • Process name values are not set as the name for the new process. [RHPAM-470]
  • It is possible to morph from a sub-process into a task type, but it is not possible to morph back to a sub-process. [RHPAM-430]
  • With Process Designer, a copy of the timer is created when you copy text from the Name field to a Documentation field. [RHPAM-755]
  • Authoring shows a false warning about unsaved changes when saving a reusable sub-process. [RHPAM-1019]
  • When moving or changing an existing element of a process diagram, the An error has occurred while trying to lock this asset message appears. [RHPAM-1250]
  • Provide support for image strips. [RHPAM-1281]
  • When you try to clear a diagram, an error occurs. [RHPAM-1268]
  • In an ad-hoc process, if you append an event using the quick menu, an error occurs. [RHPAM-886]
  • KIE playground examples do not display correctly and the process SVG files must be replaced. [RHPAM-1174]
  • Users cannot import the mortgages process. [RHPAM-1246]
  • Users cannot enable or disable HiDPI from the Business Central settings menu. [RHPAM-1343] [RHPAM-1216]
  • Users cannot permanently set the Cancel Activity property. [RHPAM-790]
  • When using the context menu to add nodes to an embedded sub-process, this operation fails if there is not enough space in the embedded sub-process to add the node. [RHPAM-426]
  • In Internet Explorer, when you select any node from the palette and immediately move it with mouse pointer, the event is placed under the palette window. [RHPAM-1040]
  • The CompletionCondition of the MI subprocess is not stored. [RHPAM-1010]
  • When you create a Process Server container, it does not load the lastest SNAPSHOT. [RHPAM-282]
  • An unexpected error occurs after a second Process Designer is closed. [RHPAM-1400]
  • Performance improvements. [RHPAM-1158][RHPAM-1159]
  • Process Designer settings should not be available on the KIE Worbench Runtime distribution. [RHPAM-1129]

6.6. Case Management Showcase application

The case list in the Case Management Showcase application is missing the refresh option. [RHPAM-1183]

6.7. Red Hat Business Optimizer

Backport the optaplanner-persistence-jpa dependency bloat fix. [RHPAM-1242]

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