Chapter 5. Fixed issues in Red Hat Process Automation Manager 7.0.1

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Red Hat Process Automation Manager 7.0.1 provides increased stability and fixed issues listed in this section.

5.1. Business Central

  • Support up to 12 arguments in RHS of executable model [RHPAM-1190]
  • Duplicated or imported project should use the suffix "-2" instead of " [2]" [RHPAM-1176]
  • Library content is not visible when Projects link is clicked [RHPAM-1110]
  • Manage list views to do not apply default filters [RHPAM-1109]
  • Process Designer task name is for internal use and must not be editable for ServiceTasks [RHPAM-1104]
  • Space screen is sometimes shown after an asset is closed [RHPAM-1091]
  • EJB Timer data source works only for MySQL and only on the default port [RHPAM-1178]
  • DRL integration tests fail with the executable model [RHPAM-1162]
  • Executable model - tests from the org.drools.compiler.integrationtests.operators package fail when run with the executable model [RHPAM-1161]
  • Include Japanese translation for RHPAM [RHPAM-1138]
  • Cannot use spaces in passwords [RHPAM-1135]
  • Translation issue on Task Inbox screen [RHPAM-1127]
  • Clicking the Refresh button on the Master Details panel makes the first tab the active tab [RHPAM-1126]
  • Indexing storage can be very slow and might time out [RHPAM-1083]
  • Some Process Designer properties are not disabled in View mode [RHPAM-1051]
  • Manually-added dependencies do not show up in the Dependencies list [RHPAM-1039]
  • Business Central and Business Central Monitoring do not apply the correct style to the navigation bar [RHPAM-985]
  • The change from server "template" and "container" to "configuration" and "deployment unit" is not consistent across UI [RHPAM-955]
  • Newly created persistable data objects are not automatically added to the list of Project Persistable Data Objects [RHPAM-938]
  • Milestones: Tooltip with sort order hangs after sorting [RHPAM-912]
  • Tasks: First Due Date update writes null to task log [RHPAM-609]
  • Switching to Project view redirects to the list of assets [RHPAM-556]
  • Error appears after using the Contributors tab [RHPAM-535]
  • It is possible to create two project with the same name when using Duplicate [RHPAM-533]
  • In Process Designer, open an XML editor instead of a 'sorry' screen when a process cannot be opened [RHPAM-447]
  • Process Designer Toolbox icons are cut-off and animations are slow [RHPAM-431]

5.2. Process Server

  • KieScanner does not load new rules [RHPAM-1124]
  • Execution Servers: ContainerNotFound error thrown when removing the container [RHPAM-899]
  • KieServices.Factory.get() returns null [RHPAM-1150]

5.3. Red Hat Process Automation Manager on OpenShift

  • Broken link to rhpam70-businesscentral-indexing-openshift in image stream file [RHPAM-1163]
  • Maven repo parameter issues in OpenShift templates [RHPAM-1166]
  • Remove the duplicated KIE_SERVER_BYPASS_AUTH_USER required parameter from KIE server template [RHPAM-1152]
  • AMQ readiness check fails on the rhpam70-authoring-ha OpenShift template [RHPAM-1141]
  • Templates: Remove Smart Router port/protocol configuration [RHPAM-1119]
  • Templates: Set as non-bindable [RHPAM-1117]
  • Smart Router Servers view error [RHPAM-1029]
  • Case audit: Duplicated entries for sub-process [RHPAM-877]
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