Chapter 17. Configuring OpenShift connection timeout

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By default, the OpenShift route is configured to time out HTTP requests that are longer than 30 seconds. This may cause session timeout issues in Business Central resulting in the following behaviors:

  • "Unable to complete your request. The following exception occurred: (TypeError) : Cannot read property 'indexOf' of null."
  • "Unable to complete your request. The following exception occurred: (TypeError) : b is null."
  • A blank page is displayed when clicking the Project or Server links in Business Central.

All Business Central templates already include extended timeout configuration.

To configure longer timeout on Business Central OpenShift routes, add the 60s annotation on the target route:

  - kind: Route
    apiVersion: v1
    id: "$APPLICATION_NAME-rhpamcentr-http"
      name: "$APPLICATION_NAME-rhpamcentr"
        application: "$APPLICATION_NAME"
        description: Route for Business Central's http service. 60s
        name: "$APPLICATION_NAME-rhpamcentr"

For a full list of global route-specific timeout annotations, see the OpenShift Documentation.

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