Chapter 6. Managed KIE Server

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A managed instance requires an available Process Automation Manager controller to start the KIE Server.

A Process Automation Manager controller manages the KIE Server configuration in a centralized way. Each Process Automation Manager controller can manage multiple configurations at once, and there can be multiple Process Automation Manager controllers in the environment. Managed KIE Server can be configured with a list of Process Automation Manager controllers, but will only connect to one at a time.


All Process Automation Manager controllers should be synchronized to ensure that the same set of configuration is provided to the server, regardless of the Process Automation Manager controller to which it connects.

When the KIE Server is configured with a list of Process Automation Manager controllers, it will attempt to connect to each of them at startup until a connection is successfully established with one of them. If a connection cannot be established, the server will not start, even if there is a local storage available with configuration. This ensures consistency and prevents the server from running with redundant configuration.


To run the KIE Server in standalone mode without connecting to Process Automation Manager controllers, see Chapter 7, Unmanaged KIE Server.

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