4.7. Cloning Software Channels

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RHN Satellite Server Channel Administrators also have the ability to clone software channels for easy package association. Cloning offers a complete replica of another channel, enabling immediate association of appropriate packages and errata with a custom software channel.
To access this functionality:
  1. Click the Channels tab on the top navigation bar then the Manage Software Channels on the left navigation bar. This takes you to the Software Channel Management page.
  2. Click clone channel at the top-right corner to begin cloning.
    Three cloning options are presented: current state of the channel, original state of the channel, or select errata. These options are described fully on the webpage itself but are summarized as:
    • Current state of the channel — All of the errata and all of the latest packages now in the target channel.
    • Original state of the channel — All of the original packages from the target channel but none of the errata or associated update packages.
    • Select Errata — All of the original packages from the target channel with the ability to exclude certain errata and associated update packages.
  3. Select the option desired using the radio buttons within the Clone field, identify the target channel using the Clone From dropdown menu, and click Create Channel.
  4. On the New Software Channel page, complete the fields as described in Section 4.5, “Creating a Software Channel”. The default values will suffice.
  5. Click Create Channel. If either the original or current option is selected, the Details tab of Managed Software Channel Details page will appear. Alter the settings for the new channel. Refer to Section 4.3, “Manage Software Channel Details” for instructions.
    If the select errata option to clone the channel is selected, it will redirect to the Clone subtab of Managed Software Channel Details page instead. Errata and associated packages for cloning may have to be individually selected for cloning and inclusion in the new channel. Refer to Section 4.3, “Manage Software Channel Details” for specific instructions.


There is a command that clones all channels based on date to ensure a consistent reproducible package sets. This command is called spacewalk-clone-by-date.
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