5.2. Viewing Managed Errata Details

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Clicking on an advisory of a managed errata alert in the Published or Unpublished pages will lead to the Managed Errata Details page. This page is divided into three tabs: Details, Channels, and Packages.
  • Details — Provides the primary information entered about the custom errata alert during its creation. This includes a synopsis, advisory name and type, related product, bugs, description, solution, keywords, references, and notes. To change any of this information, make the modifications in the appropriate fields and click Update Errata.
  • Channels — Shows the channels associated with the selected errata. To change these associations, select or deselect the appropriate checkboxes and click the Update Channels button.
  • Packages — Manage the packages associated with the selected errata on this page. This tab contains two subtabs that allow you to view, add, and remove packages: List/Remove and Add.
    • List/Remove — Displays all of the packages currently associated with the custom errata and provides a means to cancel that association. To remove packages from the errata, select their checkboxes and click Remove Packages on the bottom right-hand corner of the page. A confirmation page appears listing the packages to be removed. Click Confirm to complete the action.
    • Add — Enables the addition of packages to the errata. To see available packages, select an option from the View dropdown menu and click View. To add packages to the errata being edited, select the appropriate checkboxes and click Add Packages. Refer to Section 5.4, “Assigning Packages to Errata” for a comprehensive discussion of this process.
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