2.3. Channel Availability

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There are many channels in Red Hat Network. Some are available to all users, some are available to users in a particular organization, and some are available only if subscriptions have been purchased for access to specific channels. Channels fall into these main categories:
  • Paid Service Channels — These channels are available if the organization has purchased access to them either directly or in conjunction with a particular Red Hat solution. Red Hat Enterprise Linux is an example of a paid service channel.
  • Custom Channels — these channels are created by the organizational administrator to manage custom packages. These channels, also known as private channels, by default, appear only to the organization who creates them; they can never be accessed by anyone else. However, private channels can be shared across organizations by setting up Organizational Trusts and sharing the channel. See the Reference Guide for more details on Organization Trusts.
This document focuses on the process of creating and maintaining custom channels with an RHN Proxy Server or on an RHN Satellite Server.
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