Appendix B. Sample Red Hat Satellite Configuration File

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The /etc/rhn/rhn.conf configuration file for the Red Hat Satellite provides a means for you to establish key settings. Be warned, however, that errors inserted into this file may cause Satellite failures. So make configuration changes with caution.
You should be particularly concerned with the following parameters: traceback_mail, default_db, and server.satellite.http_proxy. Review the sample and its comments, beginning with a hash mark (#), for additional details.
#/etc/rhn/rhn.conf example for a Red Hat Satellite

# Destination of all tracebacks, such as crash information, etc.
traceback_mail =,
mount_point = /var/satellite
kickstart_mount_point = /var/satellite
repomd_cache_mount_point = /var/cache
server.satellite.rhn_parent =

# Use proxy FQDN, or FQDN:port
server.satellite.http_proxy =
server.satellite.http_proxy_username =
server.satellite.http_proxy_password =
server.satellite.ca_chain = /usr/share/rhn/RHNS-CA-CERT

# Use these options if this server is intended to be a slave.
# Name of parent for ISS.
# # If left blank rhn_parent is taken by default.
# # This option can be overriden on satellite-sync command line.
iss_parent      =
iss_ca_chain    = /usr/share/rhn/RHN-ORG-TRUSTED-SSL-CERT

# Use this option if this server is intended to be a master
# Comma separated list of allowed iss slaves, like:

# Completely disable ISS.
# If set to 1, then no slave will be able to sync from this server
# this option does not affect ability to sync to this server from
# another spacewalk (or hosted).

db_backend = postgresql
db_user = rhnuser
db_password = rhnpw
db_name = rhnschema
db_host =
db_port =

server.nls_lang = english.UTF8


web.satellite = 1
web.satellite_install =

web.session_swap_secret_1 = 9c3da20106d2968d838ee0e8a0431d25
web.session_swap_secret_2 = 9d6dcb05f90586c9aa0cba72328f9abb
web.session_swap_secret_3 = 296ddef52ea5df4bc5ee666a238c0454
web.session_swap_secret_4 = 0863e7427021c045fe4c19dbd3db1900

session_secret_1 = 2ae50e0414ecc9d42e15fece90cce4b5
session_secret_2 = da2abb2f77c328f879d7b4f24a2d68fa
session_secret_3 = 60531c88064d0d00edbfe683a1c962da
session_secret_4 = 1af4c9e335d427761d17bb93d051df87

server.secret_key = d8e7f083a9c40bf76d09c38fb5d0e52b

encrypted_passwords = 1

web.param_cleansers = RHN::Cleansers->cleanse
web.base_acls = RHN::Access

web.restrict_mail_domains =

web.ssl_available = 1

web.is_monitoring_backend = 1
web.is_monitoring_scout = 1

# OSA configuration #

server.jabber_server =
osa-dispatcher.jabber_server =

# set up SSL on the dispatcher
osa-dispatcher.osa_ssl_cert = /var/www/html/pub/RHN-ORG-TRUSTED-SSL-CERT

# Enable Solaris support

web.enable_solaris_support = 0

# force removing entitlements from systems when modifying multiorg entitlements
# below the current usage amount.

# system snapshots enabled
enable_snapshots = 1

#cobbler host name =
#option generated from

#option generated from

#option generated from

#option generated from
web.default_mail_from=RHN Satellite dev-null@localhost

#option generated from

#option generated from
product_name=RHN Satellite

#option generated from

#option generated from

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