Red Hat Satellite 6.8

Deprecated Documentation

This version is no longer supported.

Release Notes

Planning for Red Hat Satellite

Planning Satellite 6 Deployment

Package Manifest

Package Listing for Red Hat Satellite

Quick Start Guide

Installing, configuring, and provisioning physical and virtual hosts from Red Hat Satellite Servers.

Installing Satellite Server from a Connected Network

Installing Red Hat Satellite Server from a Connected Network

Installing Capsule Server

Installing Red Hat Satellite Capsule Server

Installing Satellite Server from a Disconnected Network

Installing Red Hat Satellite Server from a Disconnected Network

Upgrading and Updating Red Hat Satellite

Upgrading and updating Red Hat Satellite Server and Capsule Server

Deploying Red Hat Satellite on Amazon Web Services

Reference guide for deploying Red Hat Satellite Server and Capsules on Amazon Web Services

Deploying Red Hat Insights on Existing RHEL Systems Managed by Red Hat Cloud Access

The following guidance is for users who wish to deploy the Red Hat Insights on a provisioned Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) system managed by Red Hat Cloud Access (RHCA).

Administering Red Hat Satellite

A guide to administering Red Hat Satellite.

Managing Hosts

A guide to managing hosts in a Red Hat Satellite 6 environment.

Provisioning Guide

A guide to provisioning physical and virtual hosts on Red Hat Satellite Servers.

Content Management Guide

A guide to managing content from Red Hat and custom sources

Configuring Capsules with a Load Balancer

Distributing load between Capsule Servers

Configuring Satellite to use Ansible

Configure Ansible in Satellite to help automate repetitive tasks

Configuring Virtual Machine Subscriptions in Red Hat Satellite

Using virt-who to manage host-based subscriptions

Remediating issues across your Red Hat Satellite infrastructure using Red Hat Insights

A guide to remediating RHEL system issues throughout your Satellite infrastructure from the Red Hat Insights application

API Guide

A guide to using the Red Hat Satellite Representational State Transfer (REST) API

Hammer CLI Guide

A guide to using Hammer, the Satellite CLI tool

Hammer Cheat Sheet

Hammer CLI Cheat Sheet for Red Hat Satellite

Monitoring Red Hat Satellite

Collecting metrics from Red Hat Satellite 6

Puppet Guide

A guide to building your own Puppet module and importing it into Satellite 6

Performance Tuning for Red Hat Satellite 6.8

Provides guidelines for tuning Red Hat Satellite 6.8 for performance and scalability

Transitioning from Red Hat Satellite 5 to Red Hat Satellite 6

Supporting transition from Satellite 5 to Satellite 6

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