1.3. Components that Support the Manager

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Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform
Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform is a Java application server. It provides a framework to support efficient development and delivery of cross-platform Java applications. The Red Hat Virtualization Manager is delivered using Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform.

The version of the Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform bundled with Red Hat Virtualization Manager is not to be used to serve other applications. It has been customized for the specific purpose of serving the Red Hat Virtualization Manager. Using the Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform that is included with the Manager for additional purposes adversely affects its ability to service the Red Hat Virtualization environment.

Gathering Reports and Historical Data

The Red Hat Virtualization Manager includes a data warehouse that collects monitoring data about hosts, virtual machines, and storage. A number of pre-defined reports are available. Customers can analyze their environments and create reports using any query tools that support SQL.

The Red Hat Virtualization Manager installation process creates two databases. These databases are created on a Postgres instance which is selected during installation.

  • The engine database is the primary data store used by the Red Hat Virtualization Manager. Information about the virtualization environment like its state, configuration, and performance are stored in this database.
  • The ovirt_engine_history database contains configuration information and statistical metrics which are collated over time from the engine operational database. The configuration data in the engine database is examined every minute, and changes are replicated to the ovirt_engine_history database. Tracking the changes to the database provides information on the objects in the database. This enables you to analyze and enhance the performance of your Red Hat Virtualization environment and resolve difficulties.

    For more information on generating reports based on the ovirt_engine_history database see the History Database in the Red Hat Virtualization Data Warehouse Guide.


The replication of data to the ovirt_engine_history database is performed by the RHEVM History Service, ovirt-engine-dwhd.

Directory services
Directory services provide centralized network-based storage of user and organizational information. Types of information stored include application settings, user profiles, group data, policies, and access control. The Red Hat Virtualization Manager supports Active Directory, Identity Management (IdM), OpenLDAP, and Red Hat Directory Server 9. There is also a local, internal domain for administration purposes only. This internal domain has only one user: the admin user.
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