Chapter 7. File Systems

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gfs2-utils rebase to version 3.1.8

The gfs2-utils package has been rebased to version 3.1.8, which provides important fixes and a number of enhancements:
* The performance of the fsck.gfs2, mkfs.gfs2, and gfs2_edit utilities has been improved.
* The fsck.gfs2 utility now performs better checking of journals, the jindex, system inodes, and the inode 'goal' values.
* The gfs2_jadd and gfs2_grow utilities are now separate programs instead of symlinks to mkfs.gfs2.
* The test suite and related documentation have been improved.
* The package no longer depends on Perl.

GFS2 now prevents users from exceeding their quotas

Previously, GFS2 only checked quota violations after the completion of operations, which could result in users or groups exceeding their allotted quotas. This behavior has been fixed, and GFS2 now predicts how many blocks an operation would allocate and checks if allocating them would violate quotas. Operations that would result in quota violations are disallowed, and users thus never exceed their allotted quotas.

XFS rebase to version 4.1

XFS has been upgraded to upstream version 4.1 including minor bug fixes, refactorings, reworks of certain internal mechanisms, such as logging, pcpu accounting, and new mmap locking. On top of the upstream changes, this update extends the rename() function to add cross-rename (a symmetric variant of rename()) and whiteout handling.

cifs rebase to version 3.17

The CIFS module has been upgraded to upstream version 3.17, which provides various minor fixes and new features for Server Message Block (SMB) 2 and 3: SMB version 2.0, 2.1, 3.0, and 3.0.2.
Note that using the Linux kernel CIFS module with SMB protocol 3.1.1 is currently experimental and the functionality is unavailable in kernels provided by Red Hat. In addition, features introduced in SMB version 3.0.2 are defined as optional and are not currently supported by Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Changes in NFS in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.2

Fallocate support allows preallocation of files on the server. The SEEK_HOLE and SEEK_DATA extensions to the fseek() function make it possible to locate holes or data quickly and efficiently. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.2 also adds support for flexible file layout on NFSv4 clients described in the Technology Previews section.
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