Chapter 27. Email Notifications

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Different events related to billing trigger email notifications for API providers and developers.

27.1. Provider notifications

The users of the 3scale account (admins and members with Billing permission) can subscribe to or unsubscribe from the notifications related to billing at Account Settings (gear icon on the top-right) > Personal > Notification Preferences, under Billing section:

Action required: review invoices
Sent a few days before end of billing cycle so you can review invoices before they are being sent to customers.
Customer downgraded
Sent when a customer changes to a plan with a lower monthly fixed price.
Expiring credit card
Sent when a customer’s credit card is about to expire.
Payment error (retry)
Sent when payment fails, resulting in an unpaid invoice and a retry.
Payment error (final)
Sent when the final retry of a payment fails, resulting in a failed invoice.

Note: All admin users of the 3scale account will receive notifications regarding billing, if they are subscribed to them.

27.2. Developer emails

The email notifications sent to the developer accounts can be configured at Audience > Messages > Email Templates. The following emails are available:

Credit card expired notification for buyer
Sent when the credit card is due to expire soon.
Invoice charged successfully for buyer
Sent when the invoice has been successfully charged.
Invoice charge failure for buyer with retry
Sent when the invoice charge has failed, and the invoice is in Failed state, which means that the charging will be retried again.
Invoice charge failure for buyer without retry
Invoice charge has failed for the 3rd time, the invoice has passed to Unpaid state and will not be retried again.
Upcoming invoice charge for buyer
Sent when the invoice is issued for the developer.

All admin users of the developer account will receive the above notifications.

27.2.1. Billing email address

You can configure an email address that your customers can contact for resolving any issues with billing (e.g., in Audience > Messages > Support Emails in the Finance support email field.

The email templates reference the email address with the Liquid drop {{ provider.finance_support_email }}.

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