Chapter 3. Getting started

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This chapter guides you through the steps to set up your environment and run a simple messaging program.

3.1. Prerequisites

  • You must complete the installation procedure for your environment.
  • You must have an AMQP 1.0 message broker listening for connections on interface localhost and port 5672. It must have anonymous access enabled. For more information, see Starting the broker.
  • You must have a queue named examples. For more information, see Creating a queue.

3.2. Running Hello World on Red Hat Enterprise Linux

The Hello World example creates a connection to the broker, sends a message containing a greeting to the examples queue, and receives it back. On success, it prints the received message to the console.

Change to the examples directory and run the helloworld.rb example.

$ cd /usr/share/proton/examples/ruby/
$ ruby helloworld.rb amqp:// examples
Hello World!
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