Chapter 5. 25 October 2023

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5.1. Components

The following components are available for using Red Hat Ansible Lightspeed:

  • Ansible Extension for VS Code v2.8.108
  • Ansible code bot Technical Preview

This release includes several enhancements, additions, and fixes that have been implemented in Red Hat Ansible Lightspeed.

5.2. New features and enhancements

  • Ansible-specific IBM watsonx Code Assistant models

    Red Hat Ansible Lightspeed with IBM watsonx Code Assistant uses Ansible-specific IBM watsonx Granite models unique to your organization, which are provided, managed, and maintained by IBM.

  • Single tasks and multitask generation

    Using natural language prompts, you can generate single task or multiple task recommendations for Ansible task files and playbooks.

  • Content source matching

    For each generated code recommendation, Red Hat Ansible Lightspeed lists content source matches, including details such as potential source, content author, and relevant licenses. You can use this data to gain insight into potential training data sources used to generate the code recommendations.

  • Post-processing capabilities

    Red Hat Ansible Lightspeed offers post-processing capabilities that augment IBM watsonx Code Assistant and improve the quality and accuracy of code recommendations.

  • Content modernization

    The Ansible code bot scans existing content collections, roles, and playbooks through Git repositories, and proactively creates pull requests whenever best practices or quality improvement recommendations are available. The bot automatically submits pull requests to the repository, which proactively alerts the repository owner to a recommended change to their content. Ansible code bot is available as a Technical Preview.

    For more information, see the Red Hat Ansible Lightspeed with IBM watsonx Code Assistant User Guide.

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