Chapter 2. The pcsd Web UI

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This chapter provides an overview of configuring a Red Hat High Availability cluster with the pcsd Web UI.

2.1. pcsd Web UI Setup

To set up your system to use the pcsd Web UI to configure a cluster, use the following procedure.
  1. Install the Pacemaker configuration tools, as described in Section 1.2, “Installing Pacemaker configuration tools”.
  2. On each node that will be part of the cluster, use the passwd command to set the password for user hacluster, using the same password on each node.
  3. Start and enable the pcsd daemon on each node:
    # systemctl start pcsd.service
    # systemctl enable pcsd.service
  4. On one node of the cluster, authenticate the nodes that will constitute the cluster with the following command. After executing this command, you will be prompted for a Username and a Password. Specify hacluster as the Username.
    # pcs cluster auth node1 node2 ... nodeN
  5. On any system, open a browser to the following URL, specifying one of the nodes you have authorized (note that this uses the https protocol). This brings up the pcsd Web UI login screen.
  6. Log in as user hacluster. This brings up the Manage Clusters page as shown in Figure 2.1, “Manage Clusters page”.
    Manage Clusters page

    Figure 2.1. Manage Clusters page

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