2.5. turbostat

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Turbostat is provided by the kernel-tools package. It reports on processor topology, frequency, idle power-state statistics, temperature, and power usage on Intel® 64 processors.
Turbostat is useful for identifying servers that are inefficient in terms of power usage or idle time. It also helps to identify the rate of system management interrupts (SMIs) occurring on the system. It can also be used to verify the effects of power management tuning.
Turbostat requires root privileges to run. It also requires processor support for the following:
  • invariant time stamp counters
  • APERF model-specific registers
  • MPERF model-specific registers
For more details about turbostat output and how to read it, see Section A.10, “turbostat”.
For more information about turbostat, see the man page:
$ man turbostat
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