Chapter 25. OpenShift by Red Hat

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OpenShift by Red Hat is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) that enables developers to build and deploy web applications. OpenShift provides a wide selection of programming languages and frameworks including Java, Ruby, and PHP. It also provides integrated developer tools to support the application life cycle, including Eclipse integration, JBoss Developer Studio, and Jenkins. OpenShift uses an open source ecosystem to provide a platform for mobile applications, database services, and more. [24]
In Red Hat Enterprise Linux, the openshift-clients package provides the OpenShift client tools. Enter the following command to see if it is installed:
~]$ rpm -q openshift-clients
package openshift-clients is not installed
If the openshift-clients package is not installed, see the OpenShift Enterprise Client Tools Installation Guide and OpenShift Online Client Tools Installation Guide for detailed information on the OpenShift client tools installation process.


Previously, the rhc package provided the OpenShift client tools. With the latest OpenShift versions, this package has been deprecated and is no longer supported by Red Hat. Hence, after OpenShift version 2, the rhc package is replaced with the openshift-clients package that provides the OpenShift client tools used for supported OpenShift versions.

25.1. OpenShift and SELinux

SELinux provides better security control over applications that use OpenShift because all processes are labeled according to the SELinux policy. Therefore, SELinux protects OpenShift from possible malicious attacks within different gears running on the same node.
See the Dan Walsh's presentation for more information about SELinux and OpenShift.
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