Chapter 4. Changing the language using desktop GUI

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This section describes how to change the system language using the desktop GUI.


  • Required language packages are installed on your system


  1. Open the Settings application from the system menu by clicking on its icon.

    cs system menu9

  2. In Settings, choose Region & Language from the left side bar.
  3. Click the Language menu.

    cs language menu9

  4. Select the required region and language from the menu.

    cs select region language9

    If your region and language are not listed, scroll down, and click More to select from available regions and languages.

    cs available region language9

  5. Click Done.
  6. Click Restart for changes to take effect.

    cs restart region language9


Some applications do not support certain languages. The text of an application that cannot be translated into the selected language remains in US English.

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