Chapter 5. Checking IdM replication using Healthcheck

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You can test Identity Management (IdM) replication using the Healthcheck tool.

For details, see Healthcheck in IdM.

5.1. Replication healthcheck tests

The Healthcheck tool tests the Identity Management (IdM) topology configuration and searches for replication conflict issues.

To list all tests, run the ipa-healthcheck with the --list-sources option:

# ipa-healthcheck --list-sources

The topology tests are placed under the ipahealthcheck.ipa.topology and ipahealthcheck.ds.replication sources:


This test verifies:

  • Whether topology is not disconnected and there are replication paths between all servers.
  • If servers do not have more than the recommended number of replication agreements.

    If the test fails, the test returns errors, such as connection errors or too many replication agreements.

    If the test succeeds, the test returns the configured domains.


    The test runs the ipa topologysuffix-verify command for both the domain and ca suffixes (assuming the Certificate Authority is configured on this server).

The test searches for entries in LDAP matching (&(!(objectclass=nstombstone))(nsds5ReplConflict=*)).

Run these tests on all IdM servers when trying to check for issues.

For more information on resolving LDAP replication conflicts, see Solving common replication problems.

5.2. Screening replication using Healthcheck

Follow this procedure to run a standalone manual test of an Identity Management (IdM) replication topology and configuration using the Healthcheck tool.

The Healthcheck tool includes many tests, therefore, you can shorten the results with:

  • Replication conflict test: --source=ipahealthcheck.ds.replication
  • Correct topology test: --source=ipahealthcheck.ipa.topology


  • You must perform Healthcheck tests as the root user.


  • To run Healthcheck replication conflict and topology checks, enter:

    # ipa-healthcheck --source=ipahealthcheck.ds.replication --source=ipahealthcheck.ipa.topology

Four different results are possible:

  • SUCCESS — the test passed successfully.

      "source": "ipahealthcheck.ipa.topology",
      "check": "IPATopologyDomainCheck",
      "result": "SUCCESS",
      "kw": {
        "suffix": "domain"
  • WARNING — the test passed but there might be a problem.
  • ERROR — the test failed.

      "source": "ipahealthcheck.ipa.topology",
      "check": "IPATopologyDomainCheck",
      "result": "ERROR",
      "uuid": d6ce3332-92da-423d-9818-e79f49ed321f
      "when": 20191007115449Z
      "duration": 0.005943
      "kw": {
        "msg": "topologysuffix-verify domain failed, server2 is not connected (server2_139664377356472 in MainThread)"
  • CRITICAL — the test failed and it affects the IdM server functionality.

Additional resources

  • See man ipa-healthcheck.
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