2.8. Automated Installation Approaches

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2.8.1. About Automated Installation Approaches


Run the installer and generate an automatic installation script using Graphical or Text-based installer: Section 2.5.2, “Run the JBoss EAP Installation Program”


You may use two approaches to install JBoss EAP 6 automatically using the automatic installation script generated by the installer:

  • The first approach is to specify all the key/password values needed for automatic installation in the automatic installation variable file
  • The second approach is to specify the key/password values during install time

2.8.2. Install JBoss EAP 6 by Pre-setting the Key/Password Values in the Automatic Installation Variable File

Use the following procedure to automatically install JBoss EAP 6 by pre-setting the key/password values in the automatic installation variable file.

Procedure 2.12. 

  1. Enter key values in variable file

    JBoss EAP 6 installer creates an automatic installation script and an automatic installation variable file. The automatic installation variable file contains a list of keys and password parameters needed for automatic installation. To enter key values open the automatic installation variable file. Fill in a valid key/password value against each key parameter. For example:
    adminPassword = password#2
    vault.keystorepwd = vaultkeystorepw
    ssl.password = user12345
  2. Run the installer with the variablefile filename argument to begin automated installation

    You can begin a fully automated JBoss EAP installation by running the installer with the variablefile argument. This argument supplies the variable file key/password values (step 1) to the installer.To begin a fully automated installation, open a terminal and enter the following command, replacing auto.xml and auto.xml.variables with the names of your files:
    java -jar jboss-eap-6.x.x-installer.jar auto.xml -variablefile auto.xml.variables

JBoss EAP 6 is installed on your machine.

2.8.3. Install JBoss EAP 6 automatically by Specifying the Key Values/Passwords During Installation

Use the following procedure to automatically install JBoss EAP 6 by specifying the key values/passwords during installation.

Procedure 2.13. 

  • Run the Installer with the Variables Argument

    Start the automated installation by running the installer with the variables argument and then specifying a variable list. The variables specifies the variables and their key or password values during installation. To initiate the installation process open a terminal and enter the following command, replacing the filename auto.xml and the variables' values with your own:
    java -jar jboss-eap-6.x.x-installer.jar auto.xml -variables adminPassword=password#2,vault.keystorepwd=vaultkeystorepw,ssl.password=user12345


    It is important to specify the variable names (adminPassword, keystorepwd and ssl.password) without any empty space for successful installation.
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