Appendix A. Reference Material

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A.1. Glossary of Terms Used in Windup

A.1.1. Rules Terms


A piece of code that performs a single unit of work during the migration process. The following is an example of an XML-based rule that finds and reports on instances of weblogic-ejb-jar XML files and provides a link to an article on the Red Hat Customer Portal that describes how to migrate the file.

<rule id="weblogic-xml-descriptor-04000">
        <xmlfile matches="/weblogic-ejb-jar" />
        <classification title="WebLogic EJB XML" severity="mandatory" effort="3">
            <link href="" title="Map weblogic-ejb-jar.xml Elements to the jboss-ejb3.xml Descriptor" />
An implementation of OCPSoft ConfigurationProvider class specifically for Windup. It provides Rule instances and the relevant RuleProviderMetadata for those Java-based and XML-based Rule instances.

A ruleset is a group of one or more RuleProviders that targets a specific area of migration, for example, Spring Java EE 6 or WebLogic JBoss EAP. A ruleset is packaged as a JAR and contains additional information needed for the migration, such as operations, conditions, report templates, static files, metadata, and relationships to other rulesets. The following Windup projects are rulesets.

  • rules-java-ee
  • rules-xml
Rules Metadata
Information about whether a particular ruleset applies to a given situation. The metadata can include the source and target platform and frameworks.
Rules Pipeline
A collection of rules that feed information into the knowledge graph.

A.1.2. Reporting Terms

Level of effort
The effort required to complete the migration task. Level of effort is represented as story points in the Windup reports.
Story Point
A term commonly used in Scrum Agile software development methodology to estimate the level of effort needed to implement a feature or change. It does not necessarily translate to man-hours, but the value should be consistent across tasks. Story points are covered in more detail in the Windup Rules Development Guide.

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