Backing up and restoring the undercloud and control plane nodes

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Red Hat OpenStack Platform 17.1

Creating and restoring backups of the undercloud and the overcloud control plane nodes


This guide explains how to back up and restore your Red Hat Openstack Platform (RHOSP). This guide also explains how to troubleshoot backup and restore problems. You must create backups when you update or upgrade your RHOSP. To back up your RHOSP, you can use either of the following tools:
  • The Snapshot and Revert tool. When you create a snapshot, you preserve the original disk state of your RHOSP cluster. Depending on the result of your update or upgrade, you can remove or revert the snapshots.
  • The Relax-and-Recover (ReaR) tool. When you back up your environment with the ReaR tool, you create the backup images of the undercloud node and the control plane nodes. You can use these backups to restore the undercloud node and the control plane nodes to their previous states if an error occurs during an upgrade or update. Also, you can regularly create backups of your environment with the ReaR tool to minimize downtime if there are issues.

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