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Red Hat Quay container registry platform provides secure storage, distribution, and governance of containers and cloud-native artifacts on any infrastructure. It is available as a standalone component or as an Operator on OpenShift Container Platform. Red Hat Quay includes the following features and benefits:

  • Granular security management
  • Fast and robust at any scale
  • High velocity CI/CD
  • Automated installation and upates
  • Enterprise authentication and team-based access control
  • OpenShift Container Platform integration

Red Hat Quay is regularly released, containing new features, bug fixes, and software updates. To upgrade Red Hat Quay for both standalone and OpenShift Container Platform deployments, see Upgrade Red Hat Quay.


Red Hat Quay only supports rolling back, or downgrading, to previous z-stream versions, for example, 3.7.2 3.7.1. Rolling back to previous y-stream versions (3.7.0 3.6.0) is not supported. This is because Red Hat Quay updates might contain database schema upgrades that are applied when upgrading to a new version of Red Hat Quay. Database schema upgrades are not considered backwards compatible.

Downgrading to previous z-streams is neither recommended nor supported by either Operator based deployments or virtual machine based deployments. Downgrading should only be done in extreme circumstances. The decision to rollback your Red Hat Quay deployment must be made in conjunction with the Red Hat Quay support and development teams. For more information, contact Red Hat Quay support.

Documentation for Red Hat Quay is versioned with each release. The latest Red Hat Quay documentation is available from the Red Hat Quay Documentation page. Currently, version 3 is the latest major version.


Prior to version 2.9.2, Red Hat Quay was called Quay Enterprise. Documentation for 2.9.2 and prior versions are archived on the Product Documentation for Red Hat Quay 2.9 page.

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