Chapter 5. Configuring Compliance Policy Deployment Methods

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Use one the following procedures to configure Satellite for the method that you have selected to deploy compliance policies. You will select one of these methods when you later create a compliance policy.

Procedure for Ansible deployment

  1. Import the theforeman.foreman_scap_client Ansible role.

    For more information, see Managing Configurations Using Ansible Integration in Red Hat Satellite.

  2. Assign the created policy and the theforeman.foreman_scap_client Ansible role to a host or host group.
  3. To trigger the deployment, run the Ansible role on the host or host group either manually, or set up a recurring job by using remote execution for regular policy updates.

    For more information, see Configuring and Setting Up Remote Jobs in Managing Hosts.

Procedure for Puppet deployment

  1. Ensure Puppet is enabled.
  2. Ensure the Puppet agent is installed on hosts.
  3. Import the Puppet environment that contains the foreman_scap_client Puppet module.

    For more information, see Managing Configurations Using Puppet Integration in Red Hat Satellite.

  4. Assign the created policy and the foreman_scap_client Puppet class to a host or host group.

    Puppet triggers the deployment on the next regular run or you can run Puppet manually. Puppet runs every 30 minutes by default.

Procedure for manual deployment

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