Appendix E. Glossary

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E.1. Product and project names

Developer Launcher ( called Developer Launcher is a stand-alone getting started experience provided by Red Hat. It helps you get started with cloud-native development on OpenShift. It contains functional example applications that you can download, build, and deploy on OpenShift.
Minishift or CDK
An OpenShift cluster running on your machine using Minishift.

E.2. Terms specific to Developer Launcher


An application specification, for example a web service with a REST API.

Examples generally do not specify which language or platform they should run on; the description only contains the intended functionality.

Example application

A language-specific implementation of a particular example on a particular runtime. Example applications are listed in an examples catalog.

For example, an example application is a web service with a REST API implemented using the Thorntail runtime.

Examples Catalog
A Git repository that contains information about example applications.
A platform that executes an example application. For example, Thorntail or Eclipse Vert.x.
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