Chapter 6. Known Issues

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  • Red Hat AMQ Streams images are not available for IBM Z and IBM Power Systems

    The Red Hat AMQ Streams Operator and Kafka images are not available for IBM Z and IBM Power Systems. Since the images are not available, the starter vertx-spring-boot-starter-kafka is not certified to work with AMQ Streams on IBM Z and IBM Power Systems.

  • ENTSBT-850: Spring Boot Validation Starter Exception: Package javax.validation.constraints does not exist.
  • SB-379: Missing APR/native library in the openshift-openjdk image.
  • SB-1165: Database application fails to run because org.apache.tomcat.jdbc.pool.DataSource can not be found.
  • ENTSBT-202: Mutual TLS authentication in Spring Boot Webflux AMQP does not work.
  • ENTSBT-366: Infinispan Hotrod Client Starter: org.infinispan.client.hotrod.exceptions.HotRodClientException:: ISPN004034: Unable to unmarshall bytes when the<your_class_name> property is not set in
  • ENTSBT-367: Remote communication between Red Hat Spring Boot 2.4.9 with Infinispan/Red Hat Data Grid 7.3 does not work without setting the infinispan.remote.protocol-version=2.6 property.
  • ENTSBT-1139: There are missing jars in 2.4.9 Maven repository.

    This is not an issue if you connect to the Red Hat Maven Repository.

  • ENTSBT-1143: spring-cloud-netflix-hystrix component has been removed from Spring Boot 2.4.9.
  • ENTSBT-1145: There are two io.vertx:vertx-dependencies BOM files in the release:

    • 3.9.6.redhat-00001.pom
    • 3.9.8.redhat-00004.pom.

    Use 3.9.8.redhat-00004.pom with Eclipse Vert.x Spring Boot Starter because the dependencies for the starter are included only in the 3.9.8.redhat-00004.pom file.

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